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Super Bright Plug In PIR Motion Sensor LED Night Light

Product Review (submitted on 15 January 2016):
In the past I have had a number of battery operated PIR lights to aid visitors who might need to use the facilities at night. Saves them hunting around for a light switch. They've all failed after a relatively short period of time so when I saw this mains operated one I decided to give it a try. Now obviously it has a limitation which is that you need a socket to plug it in to. So that may limit its effectiveness is some situations. However, for me this works absolutely perfectly. And luckily there is a socket close to the guest bedroom and so as soon as someone steps out of the room at night this little device lights up. And what's more it is so bright that they don't even need to put the hall light on. The route to the bathroom is illuminated perfectly adequately. And it will trigger again for the return trip.

It is stunningly bright - which could be an issue in some situations where you want just enough light to be able to see but not so much as wake someone - but for my purpose the high level of illumination is perfect.

And I thought the price was very reasonable too.

I am happy to highly recommend this product.
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