Auraglow PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Outdoor Security Wall Light - Solar Powered

Auraglow PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Outdoor Security Wall Light - Solar Powered

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  • Illuminate driveways, gardens patios and more with this super bright motion activated wireless solar security light by Auraglow.
  • The weather resistant design makes it ideal for use on commercial properties, warehouses and storage buildings
  • The advanced solar panel charges by natural daylight and provides up to 90 activation's per charge - No wiring or batteries required! - Daylight sensor ensures light is only activated in darkness to conserve power consumption
  • Detects motion up to 10-Feet away - Resembles a CCTV camera which helps deter intruders! - Easy to remove from mounting to use as handheld torch
  • 1x 3w Super Bright LED stays lit for 28 seconds when motion is detected -250 Lumens - Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 90mm - Complete with on/off switch - Wall mounted fixtures included


The instant this advanced motion activated security light senses anything passing within a 10 foot radius of its sensors, it throws out a powerful beam of white light.The light stays on as long as there is a presence in the beam, but automatically switches off 28 seconds after movement ceases.

The light is solar powered and the super bright LED is so energy-efficient it will last each night with ease.

Thoughtfully designed by Auraglow, the light can be easily removed from the fitting turning the light into a hand held torch.

The intelligent light has a dusk till dawn (daylight) sensor installed which means the light will only operate in darkness conserving the battery life throughout daylight hours.  

Mounting bracket and fixings included, so there's no need to call an electrician - simply fix it yourself.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Auraglow
Part Code AG277

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Actually stopped the local thugs
This is a great security light which since buying has actually stopped the local "thugs" from trying to steal our bikes. We have it placed on top of the shed so that when anyone comes near it, a massive light will blind them. No I'm only joking, the light doesn't blind people but it is a great brightness that alerts either us or the neighbours. If you are worried about any of your stuff at home, I'd recommend this light as it is very useful. The solar panel feature is great as it means no wiring up or anything. It's just one modular piece of kit which works very nicely. Such a good price and I'm currently thinking about buying another two as a set as they are great. The sensor is very good and detects proper motion instead a small twig moving in the wind like cheaper products which get very annoying as they just turn on randomly and wake everyone up. No this is a great product and would highly recommend!!!
Review by The batters by / (Posted on 26/01/2016)
Very easy to fit and is currently doing the job perfectly
Very easy to fit and is currently doing the job perfectly. We have had other lights in this position but they have given up at the first sight of rain so this one is already ahead of them. We didn't need the short extension bar, hoping that keeping it up close to the shed will give it a little more protection. Great to have it all in one unit without a separate solar panel - no wires meaning a completely sealed unit.
Review by Richard A. Baker / (Posted on 09/10/2015)
Brilliant lights. Literally
I am very impressed with these lights. They cast a more intense, concentrated beam than my other solar PIR lights, more like a spotlight than a floodlight, so are ideal for highlighting a specific area like a doorway or bins for example. Not having any trailing wires makes them far easier to mount, the only downside to this is that the light has to face the direction of the sun, not having a separate panel which can be mounted independently, but I prefer the neatness of an all in one unit. They look great too, much like a security camera, which could deter unwanted visitors.
Review by Martin / (Posted on 09/10/2015)

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